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COP is an initiative is for the people and by the people - 'for the people' means all the efforts are for 'Us' as a community and 'by the people' refers to the fact that all the efforts are made by the community itself. It's not any authority that takes the ownership and execution for achieving the desirable outcomes. And this is a characteristic that makes COP different from rest of the initiatives.

Team COP truly is the community in the sense that we all work together on this initiative as a team not because we get our bread and butter out of it. Instead we derive pleasure and satisfaction out of the efforts that we put in to make our 'environment' more conducive to live in. We believe that issues as atrocious as domestic violence, abuse, eve teasing, rape or crime to issues that are perceived as milder in nature such as parenting issues, anxiety, stress, identity crisis, social pressure etc… are all manifestations of a deeper level cause. This root cause may significantly and closely be associated with OUR (individual's, familial or societal) Mental Health state.

A significant number of community members perceive Mental Health as PROBLEMS related to brain dysfunction or mental health disorders, which isn't true. These are a very tiny percentage of the entire concept of Mental Health. Mental Health has been described by World Health Organization as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.

Even after reading this definition, many of the readers would say, "This is in theory but actually mental health is about madness or 'loosing it'!" This is not only sad but dangerous too.

An EMPOWERED Community would be the one that is effectively able to handle the preventive, empowering as well as the remedial aspects within the system of its existence. COP initiative is designed to cater to the above mentioned areas.

COP PREVENTION intends to target that sector of community that’s constantly busy and feels overwhelmed periodically. The impact of constant pressure and striving is clearly visible. Its impact on mind-body is observed by them but either doesn't take a step for prevention or have minimal information about what to do and how to identify the helping hands.

COP EMPOWER focuses on the group that is willing to help themselves but is either influenced by societal pressures or is unable to identify the right kind of professional for themselves. This specialized area of COP is about making help readily available and easily accessible.

COP REMEDIAL intends to work on the curative side of the mental health. The sector of the community that has already experienced and suffered the pain of clinical disorders or have a family member who is diagnosed with major mental disorder, becomes the focused group. Establishing a strong system and network of Pharmacological, Psychological and Social help for the affected individuals and families is the focus of this part of COP.

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