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Empowered refers to an individual or a system that is capable of dealing with challenges & adversities (situational or emotional). Its one's ability to minimize the negatives and maximize the positives experienced in life without feeling trapped or helpless at any point.

Empowered - Enhancing Quality of Life as a concept and an initiative came into existence in August 2010 with the following motives:

Helping individuals to deal with the existing difficulties in life to have a better quality of life

Helping couples and families to understand and ensure a happy and healthy existence for themselves

Empowering individuals to deal with challenges independently and not get overwhelmed

Helping 'common' man to understand the Self and identify with the Higher Self for a better quality of life

Contributing towards a better understanding in the community about understanding the importance of Mental Health                 and its role in enhancing quality of life. 

Working on different levels and imparting skills and techniques for the achievement of global wellbeing and hence enhanced levels of Quality of Life is the focus of our work. Human beings operate and exist on different levels and it is equally important to work on all these different levels in order to bring about a systemic change or a transformation. The techniques used at each step may appear different but the aim still remains the same - Enhancing the quality of our existence!! This website is first step towards an initiative that aspires to bring awareness about Mental Health and a better understanding of various related concepts. It is also an important step towards making psychological help easily available and accessible so that every individual is equipped and able to successfully deal with adverse situations faced in life. 

Did You Know
Did You know Your Mental Health can be improved by following some simple steps:
       YOUR FIVE SENSES Watch your five senses at any given point of time and treat them. Your eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue are at work 24 x 7 x 365 days... they deserve a feast!!

Most Common Concerns

Phobia (specific or social) / Phobic Disorder

Panic Disorder (with or without agoraphobia)

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Conversion Disorder

Somatization Disorder

Pain Disorder

Body Dysmorphic Disorder


Psychogenic Diseases

Somatogenic Diseases


Adolescent Depression

Bipolar Disorder

Depression in the elderly


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