Privacy Policy

			This Privacy Policy forms part of Empowered's agreement with both the Client and the Therapist under the Empowered Terms and Conditions.
			Empowered takes the privacy of both the Client's information and the Therapist's information very seriously. Empowered shall comply with
			this Privacy Policy at all times, taking reasonable steps to protect the confidentiality of both the information collected individually 
			from the Client and the Therapist, use such information only for the purposes for which the Client and the Therapist provide it, and take
			prudent steps to ensure that the logged-in part only of the Website is truly secure and virus-free, although Empowered cannot guarantee 
			this absolutely because the internet is not a secure medium and virus-free. Both the Client and the Therapist should note that by individually
			submitting any information via the Website constitutes their individual consents to the use of that information as set out in these 
			Empowered Terms and Conditions.

			To protect sensitive data the Website uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128 Bit Encryption, password protected computers, regularly updated
			firewall and anti virus software, a server employing firewall separation from the internet, time outs for inactive logged-in sessions but
			Empowered cannot guarantee the timer will operate in all browsers, holds daily backup files in the event of data being lost through flood
			fire or other catastrophe, and Empowered will work at detecting and investigating any breach of security should one occur. The information
			as stated under 'Cookies' is not encrypted so that both the Client's and the Therapist's session time can be personalised within the logged-in
			area at the Website, and identify either with their encrypted information on the server. Empowered prohibits Clinical Service communication
			between the Client and the Therapist via standard email accounts or with any browser that are not secure.

			It is the individual responsibility of the Client and the Therapist to maintain the secrecy of the individual information they use to access
			the Website and to use regularly updated firewall and anti virus software on any computer used to access the Website: Empowered cannot be held
			responsible for the Client or the Therapist failing to comply or any problem arising as a result of their failure to comply. The Client and the
			Therapist that are no longer associated with Empowered will be removed from the Website. Empowered will delete the Client and the Therapist 
			copies of their online data from the Website only when both have not logged-in for three years. Offline storage will be for up to an additional
			four years. The Therapist is responsible for copying their individual copy of their online data at the Website to a secure environment other 
			than the Website within three years of the last date they logged in as they may be required to keep such information for a period longer than
			three years by the professional body they are associated with: the Client should enquire with the Therapist directly if they wish to establish
			what this time period is as this is a clinical matter for the Therapist.