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What We Do

At Empowered we work towards spreading awareness, dissemination of knowledge, imparting skills and techniques for the achievement of global well-being and hence a better Quality of Life. Human beings operate and exist on different levels. It is of utmost importance to work on all different levels of human existence including Individual, Familial, Organizational and Community in order to bring about a systemic change (transformation). An individual affects the community and community in turn shapes the individual. No one level is more important than the other. All these levels are interactive and play an equally important role in any kind of transformation. Its important to first set the right kind of information and knowledge and optimise the perception of masses of Mental Health and its importance and role in achievement of well-being and contentment. Working on all these levels would not only mean working on the surface level change but also pave path for long term and sustainable modifications within the system for a better Quality of Life. These modifications need to happen simultaneously at various levels and harmonizing these modifications is then likely to lead to an Enhanced Quality of our existence!

It is a proven fact that an individual's ability to deal adequately with difficult situations has a positive effect on Self Esteem and leads to an increase in the probability that he/ she will be able to deal with a difficult situation successfully in the future. Hence an individual who regards himself/ herself positively is more likely to experience happiness, health and contentment in life. An individual who is satisfied internally is likely to perform well at work; adequate work performance in turn would contribute to both material and psychological gains. With these gains then the individual is likely to have positive family interactions leading to conducive home environment laying a foundation further for healthier and better adjusted forthcoming generations. This ultimately works towards construction of a healthy and a productive community.

In the year 2014, Mental Health is still perceived as a concept related to 'madness’. Mental Health Practitioners such as Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Social Workers are still thought of as professionals dealing with people who are 'Crazy' or 'Mad'. Unlike what is believed about mental health and related issues in the developing nations of Asian continent, western countries are a bit more open to the concept but on a lot of levels the stigma and lack of knowledge prevails. One of the reasons for stigma and taboo could be that not a huge amount of work has been done either on prevention or optimization of the existing skills. Though a relatively newer branch of Psychology does address the above mentioned areas called Positive Psychology. Existing skills and knowledge along with past experiences can be utilized to work positively and achieve a better quality of life. Researchers in about last one decade have brought their attention to prevention, but major thrust of work in the field still remains on curing the already existing symptoms or illnesses.

Empowered is committed to mark the beginning of a new era of well-being and quality of life where the major focus of our work is on Prevention and Optimization in addition to Diagnosis and Cure.


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