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Who We Are

Empowered is a set up that came into existence with the motive of spreading awareness about the importance of Mental Health in well-being and enhancing quality of life along with providing services for dealing with various psychological concerns and issues that act as a barrier to achieve adequate Mental Health . 

Mental health is defined as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.  

- World Health Organization (WHO)   

Mankind today is running after achieving 'Happy', 'Healthy' and 'Contented' life and yet only a few are able to achieve it. Most of the individuals are either trapped in a vicious cycle of stress and anxiety or have given up after consistently trying for something that seems almost impossible now. Others have either declared that they are happy with themselves and nothing better can be done or are trying to feel the 'Best' but are unable to achieve the desired state of being. Is it that difficult to enhance the quality of our life? Is it so difficult to deal with difficult situations? Is the state of unrest, distress and a consistent preoccupation of mind inescapable? According to us, the answer is 'NO'. None of the above is difficult to achieve. The key lies in taking right steps in the right direction at the right time. All that is needed to achieve this is a will to make an effort and consistent practice under the guidance of an expert. This is to say because not every individual can be a master of everything. We cannot expect a software professional to perform an open heart surgery because the skills needed for both the fields are completely different. Similarly to lead a comfortable and yet successful life in today's modern world requires certain skills and knowledge set and this is where a Mental Health professional can help you to help yourself! Once an individual is able to attain this knowledge and achieve an adequate level of proficiency in certain skills, having a happy, healthy and contented life becomes easily achievable. 

These days taking inputs from experts, consultants, doctors, watching a variety of television programs, attending informative events, reading papers, journals and magazines, surfing the internet are almost a part of day to day life. This shows the level of commitment as well as 'desperation' people have to understand 'what' are the things that can be done further to enhance quality of life and feel satisfied. Despite of all the efforts made in this direction, a significant percentage of the population across cultures and the globe find themselves either trapped or surrounded by various issues and concerns pulling them down taking them away from the objective of living a happy and healthy life. One of the reasons that most of the people are unable to achieve the needs and enhance quality of life is that most of the efforts are  made towards 'knowing more'. Knowledge is certainly a very important tool but it's not an 'answer' in itself; it's not happiness in itself! 

A large portion of the population is making an effort to stay ahead and outshine others. Practically speaking, none of us want to be part of the crowd and hence almost all of us, in one way or the other are constantly making efforts to outshine others. This is another important reason why achieving happiness has become stressful in itself. So the process of achieving happiness and staying healthy that ideally should be empowering and calming becomes yet another reason that feeds into stressfulness of Life! This in turn takes a toll on individuals' state of well-being. Consistent stress in life leads to a compromised state of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Rather than focusing on 'Whats', it's more likely to be fruitful if we make an attempt to understand the 'Hows' of it. 

Empowered came into existence to provide answers to as many 'How' questions as we can and empower individuals and hence the community to have a better quality of life. 

The role of an expert in this journey called Life is just like the role of a 'Torch' in the dark. The torch doesn't suggest or advice one to choose the direction and make decisions. It only enlightens the surroundings and help the individuals to look around clearly and use the 'clarity' to make those healthy choices. The expert would only help you look at certain 'darker' areas in your mind which otherwise can be painful and limiting; and this may then help you to take the 'right' steps for happy and healthy life..

These 'right' steps are the building blocks of Happy, Healthy and Contented life.

This initiative was started by Dr. Ribhu Goyal, a Psychotherapist and a Psychologist, in August 2010 as an outcome of her experience of constant striving, pain and distress in her surroundings. From a very young age she was receptive to the pain of individuals around her and was into exploring Psychology as a subject matter informally. She decided to take up Psychology - the study of human and animal behaviour in her honours degree in university. She continued her study and exploration of the field of human behaviour, emotions, consciousness and methods to deal with the psychological difficulties in her academic studies over in Core and Applied Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy and her detailed study of Psychopathology in her Ph.D. from India. She continued to work in different fields of psychology such as Developmental Disorders in school for children with special needs, charity sector, mental health clinics, corporate organizations alongside her academic enquiry of the subject matter. She was always inclined towards understanding psychopathology, exploring and understanding Anxiety and related difficulties that interfere with ones ability to live a happy and healthy life. Throughout her informal and formal exploration of human psyche, she always focused on 'how to remove/ reduce the pain and suffering in human life'. She started meditating at a very early age of 10 years and hence experientially understands and connects with the role of spirituality and higher level experiences in enhancing quality of life.

Her observations and experiential learning endowed her with a vision of having a self sustaining initiative that works with and for the people, helping them help themselves for living a happy and healthy life.

She currently practices as a Psychotherapist at different locations with main office in City of London.

In addition to her professional Counselling and Psychotherapy services; she offers as a part of her community services -

Individual & Group Sessions

 Talks and Lectures


 These services are provided free of charge in both community as well as corporate set ups.

For any enquiries further on community services please write to ribhu@empowereduk.org 


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