Therapies- Humanistic and Existential Approaches
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Humanistic and Existential Approaches

Humanistic Therapies

Humanistic Therapies focus on self-development, growth and responsibilities. Humanistic therapies focus on helping the individuals to recognize their strengths, creativity and the choices they have in life at any given moment.

Person Centered or Client Centered Therapy

Client Centered Therapy focuses on an individual’s self worth and values. It focuses on the value of being a human being/ person without any sense of judgment. According to this school of thought, using the above mentioned principles an individual can be helped to accept who he is and enable him to reconnect with himself with a positive outlook.

Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt Therapy can be roughly translated to ‘whole’ and focuses on the whole of an individual’s experience, including their thoughts, feelings and actions. Gaining self-awareness in the ‘here and now’ is a key aspect of Gestalt Therapy.

Transactional Analysis (TA)

Transactional Analysis is based on the theory that every individual has three ego states which are ‘Parent’, ‘Adult’ and ‘Child’. By recognizing the ego-state, TA attempts to identify how the individual communicate and how it can be altered for betterment.


Psychosynthesis aims to discover the higher level of consciousness. It could help an individual identify the present level of consciousness and strive towards achieving the next higher level. It can be looked upon as a quest for understanding and achieving ‘wholeness’ therefore can be seen as a step further towards becoming a moral being. The first step in Psychosynthsis could be the attainment of a minimal level of Self-knowledge. Various techniques used in this approach help an individual to understand the different parts of the psyche and learning to integrate them. The techniques used could differ from therapist to therapist but the most commonly used therapeutic methods include creative visualization, training of the will, physical expression, writing exercises, meditation, interpersonal and intrapersonal work.

 Existential Therapy

Existential psychotherapy is a powerful approach to therapy which takes seriously the human condition. It is an optimistic approach in that it embraces human potential, while remaining a realistic approach through its recognition of human limitation.  Existential Therapy focuses on exploring the meaning of certain issues through a philosophical perspective, instead of a technique-based approach.

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