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Other Approaches

Although psychological therapies generally fall into the three categories: Cognitive and Behavioral ApproachesPsychoanalytical and Psychodynamic Approaches, and Humanistic and Existential Approaches; there are also a number of specific therapies too.

Family/Systemic Therapy

Systemic Therapy is an approach that works with families and those in close relationships, regardless of whether they are blood related or not, to bring about a positive change. Changes are viewed in terms of the systems of interaction between each person in the family rather than restricted to just one person.

Integrative Therapy

Integrative Therapy means drawing on and blending different approaches and therapeutic principles to have a ‘best of all’ approach for the client. This approach is not linked to one particular type of therapy or a specific school of thought. It is based on the belief of that no one approach works for all clients in all situations.



In this form of therapy the client is made to focus on the method of breathing in order to stimulate and work on various emotional states. Complete awareness of emotions allows an individual to have a better control on them minimize the negative effect it potentially has on wellbeing and positive state. Breathwork helps the client to have conscious control on breath even in the most difficult situations that allows the release of pent up energy and can provide a client with an intense feeling of relief and calm. Many individuals who practice Breathwork report feeling a sense of serenity and calmness; a sense of being “reborn”.

Two basic fundamental principles of Breathwork are:

For most of the individuals in today’s fast paced life the natural state of breathing is compromised. It could be either due to internal or external conditions. For an average person his breathing apparatus works at its minimum capacity because of a variety of reasons. This is especially the case with people who have experienced any form of stress or anxiety. The Breathwork techniques help the person to allow the focus of attention on ‘Present’ and stay grounded in the current events surrounding them while maintaining a fuller sense of energy flow in their body with a healthy breathing process.

The human body works optimally when breathing is adequate which means utilizing the breath apparatus to its maximum levels is important to ensure optimal level functioning of rest of the systems in the body. Proper breathing is known to rejuvenate and stimulate the body’s own healing processes leading to a strengthened and enhanced connection of mind-body-soul. As simple technique as this one is a very powerful means for Self healing, Self growth and physical, psychological and mental transformation.

Autogenic Training

The primary focus of this therapy is to reduce stress and achieve a relaxed state. AT is a method of learning to alter the physical symptoms including blood pressure, heart rate, and rapid breathing. This technique can provide remarkable results both physically and emotionally to those who practice it. In other words, AT provides a powerful tool to the client that allows him to access it at will, when confronted with triggers that may elevate stressful responses. Towards end of the session, the client will feel a sense of calm, and will be able to gain better control over their emotional, physiological, and psychological responses to stimuli. This form of therapy should only be done under supervision. If a person uses these techniques incorrectly, the result could be deeper and more significant emotional instability. Autogenetic Training was developed out of a form of hypnotism and can be dangerous when self-administered.

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